Why Nobody Joins You

I guarantee you NOBODY is looking to buy anything from you or join your business.

As a matter of fact, nobody wants to buy ANYTHING or join ANY business opportunity.

What people want is a solution their problems.

When they go on Google and start searching for something, unless it’s a book, some clothes, or
some household item… you know commodity type products…

… what they are really looking for is information on how to stop their pain or solve some problem.

And this is your chance to open the door and start a conversation.

Show them how your product, service, or business opportunity is the solution they’re looking for.

And one of the best ways to do that, without spending an arm and a leg by placing your ads

everywhere is to have a simple blog.

Like a fisherman spreading his net and scooping up all the fish…

… you can quickly and easily spread your content like wildfire all over the place.

Content that shows people how to solve their problems, building trust, branding yourself and

building authority in your market.

It’s actually very simple to do when you know what it is your prospects are looking for…

… and how to turn this information into valuable content that moves them closer to buying into

YOUR solution, and not anyone else.

But how do you come up with good content?

And how do you connect that to what you’re offering so you can make more sales and sponsor

more people?

Its actually so simple most people overlook what they need to do – period!

Take for example…
At Forutwo.com, we offer many information products that you can use to tell your story.
Everything from articles to a wide variety of information products you can use to have
people jumping to signup on your subscriber list!
Simply go take a look – you can even join for FREE!

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Dealing With The Hand You Were Dealt

We are all born with certain traits. Some stronger than others.
Some are even born with physical and mental deficiencies.

Yet some people use that as an excuse to do nothing.
Yet, others decide they are going to change things to make the best
of what capabilities they were given.

That really describes the conditions we all live with.

Successful people learn to maximize their best traits while average
people just go through life like a robot – never trying to improve
things – just blaming their situation on other factors.

Also, successful people are constantly striving to improve their
lesser traits, too.

Reminds me of people belonging to online business programs.
Some just do nothing and others put forth minimal efforts
Yet all think they should be successful doing nothing.

Makes me wonder if their entire life is handled in the same method.

Whether offline or online, there is the few that put together a plan
of action to make sure the results are getting better and better.

Even some of those overcome enormous physical and mental disabilities
to achieve varying degrees of success.

Take my situation of having a heart attack at 55.
I also “flat lined” for approximately 3 minutes. However I viewed my
situation as being very fortunate because I was already in the emergency
room when this occurred. I could have been miles away from a hospital
at the time and could have suffered much worse, maybe even death.

Your attitude in dealing with life’s situations greatly affect the outcome.
My attitude is the glass is half full – not half empty.

Within a few days, I discovered that part of my short term memory was
affected to a great degree.

I could have just quit trying and blamed life in general and everything and
everybody else for my memory demise and been miserable the rest of my life.

However I was determined to do the best I could to overcome this situation.

How are you dealing with your life situations?

First take a good look in a mirror at the source of the problem.
Then do your best to change things in a positive manner.

Or you can just be miserable by doing the same old things expecting better

Bottom line – your attitude affects everything and everybody. It is time to
make that positive attitude change.

Are you up to the challenge?

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New March Download Products Available

Though March is almost history, we have uploaded some new products for you to download at your leisure.

We now have four (4) new Gold Member products available and 3 new Free Member products.

Featured Gold Download:
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In the very near future, we will be removing all the old products added prior to December 31, 2011. We aim to keep our promise of not having pages and pages of old products on our site.

Until next time,

Have a wonderful month

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Writing Killer Promo Emails – Part X

Examples of Writing Killer Promo Emails

Example #1 – When Selling Your Own Product

Subject: {firstname}, How to Have Your Own
Instant Product to Sell…


Hi {firstname},

The popularity of Adsense has been booming especially
for the last few years. And the result: more and more people are building
sites in hopes of cashing in on fat Adsense checks.

Side effect? Many marketers build what I call “junk
sites” and this directly resulted in Google often altering the algorithms
and Adsense rules.

In a real essence, the game gets tougher!

That’s why I have finally decided to release a brand
new Guide to cashing in on Adsense, revealing my strategies on how to make
money from Adsense in spite of the changes because I will show you the
time-tested success strategies!


SIDENOTE: In a hurry? Full details here:

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And you know what? I am also going to offer the Full Master Resell Rights to
this “never released before” E-Book!

With the Master Resell Rights to this E-Book, you can:

* Use it for personal use,

* Resell the E-Book and pocket all the sales,

* Use as a bonus to another product you are selling,

* Add into a paid membership site,

* Bundle into a paid package,

* Use as part of your back-end / One Time Offer,

* Use as an unannounced bonus for your customers,

* And much more!

Click here for full details:

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Warm Regards,

Your Name

P.S. Only 50 copies will be sold. After the 50th copy is sold, this offer
will be removed forever (and I mean it!). The reason I’m limiting to such is
because I want to give my resellers a huge chance to cash in on this niche
(and you won’t have to compete with me). ;-) Here it is again:

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Example #2: When Promoting Other People’s Product

Subject: {firstname}, Build Your Own WordPress
Adsense Machine Today…

Hi {firstname},

If you are looking into making money from Adsense and would like to know how
you can do just that with “paint by the numbers” guide, you are going to
like this.

I have met John Smith in person and came to learn that he’s making a huge
chunk of his income from what he calls his “WordPress Adsense System”.

John is now giving away 2 leaked chapters from his step-by-step guide on
using WordPress to build and market Adsense sites.

You can get it here:

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You will also discover the expert answers to 5 most popular questions on
making money from Adsense using WordPress.




I have convinced John to offer you a special 20% discount if you decide to
purchase his full guide to WordPress Adsense System.

So hurry and secure your copy here now – at 20% off:

You can get it here:

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Warm Regards,

Your Name

P.S. Before I forget, this discount is in effect for the first 25 customers
only so it’s not going to last forever! Act now.


Example #3: When Offering a Freebie

Subject: Hey {firstname}, Yours to Keep…


Hi {firstname},

You and I know that often times, it takes a form of investment to make your
business grow, online or offline. And many a times, that investment requires

Now if you’re on a shoestring budget or looking to build your business with
powerful tools and resources at zero cost, I trust you will like this.


SIDENOTE: In a hurry? Check it out here:

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For the next 5 days, I am teaming up with a group of handpicked marketers in
pooling together some of our best business-building resources – and you can
gain instant access to them at no cost.

Be prepared to expect cool downloads like:

* Collection of E-Books & Resell Rights,

* Private Label Products,

* Membership Passes,

* Software,

* Audio/Video bundles,

* And Much, Much More!

Get them all here at zero cost now:

Link Here

Enjoy your new discovery!

Warm Regards,

Your Name

P.S. This event runs for only 5 days so the gifts
certainly will NOT be there forever. Thus your best bet
is to grab them now while the event is in effect!

Recommended Resources

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Lead Generation

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Clean Family

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Web Hosting – Email

Complete Business Setup + Free Training

Information Product

Home of PLR & Master Resell


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Writing Killer Promo Emails – Part IX

How to Write A Powerful P.S.
There are several parts to an email. First there is the ‘from’
line. This is where your name or your company name goes.
This tells the recipient who the email is from.

Next there is a subject line. This is an important part of an
email message. You are limited to 50 characters here and
those 50 characters can determine whether your email is
opened and read or deleted. You will find thousands of words
written on the subject of ‘subject lines’.

Then comes the body of the email message. You can find a lot
of information concerning how important it is for you to get
this part right. You will be told time and time again to keep
it short.

Keep you sentences and your paragraphs short. Use bullet
points. Don’t use all capital letters. Don’t use too many
exclamation points and on and on.

All of this is important information and it is all information
that you need to read, understand and apply when writing
your marketing emails.

After the body of the email comes the signature. The
importance of the signature is rarely mentioned but it is also
an important part of a marketing email.

Be certain that you make those signature lines count. Use
your name, your company name, a link to your webpage, as
well as, a link to the product or service that you are selling.

Next comes your last opportunity to make your point and sell
your product or service. It’s the P.S. line. P. S. is an acronym
for ‘post script’ which means ‘after the signature’.

It can be compared to ending a telephone conversation by
saying, ‘Goodbye (signature) and don’t forget about the
meeting tomorrow (P.S.).

View that P.S. as an opportunity to get in a parting shot or
create a tease for an upcoming marketing email or as an
incentive to join a teleseminar or a webinar.

The P.S. line can be used either as a hook-setting
opportunity or as a baiting opportunity. Whatever way you
use your P.S. line, it needs to be ‘above the fold’ or above the
scroll line in order for it to be the most effective.

**The only thing that should ever always be below the scroll
line is the opt-out option.

Using your P.S. line to ‘set the hook’ means using it to hit the
main selling point made in your marketing email one more

For example:

P.S. Don’t forget that this product will save you both time
AND money. (And provide the URL to the sales page once

Another example would be:

P.S. Don’t forget that this offer ends at midnight on November
16th. (And again, provide the URL to the sales page.)

Yes another example would be:

P.S. Don’t get left out! This offer is limited to the first 200
applicants. (And provide the URL to the sales page.)

Using the P.S. line as bait is a rather simple but very effective
sales technique. When I say ‘bait’ (a word that I really
dislike), what I am referring to is a tease or an incentive.

Once example of a P.S. line being used as ‘bait’ is:

P.S. Don’t miss the next newsletter. There will be an offer
that will amaze you! (Add a link to your subscription opt-in

Another example of a P.S. line being used as ‘bait’ is:

P.S. You don’t want to miss finding out why I got sent to jail
which will be revealed during this teleseminar. (Add a link to
the squeeze page for registering for the teleseminar.)

Common Mistakes People Make when Writing Promo Emails
There are at least as many ways to do a promotional email
wrong as there are ways to get it right. One of the first
mistakes that affiliate marketers make when writing their
promo emails is that they…

Lose sight of the objective:

The ONLY objective of a marketing email is to sell the
product or service that you are promoting to the members of
your opt-in list. Every word of the email needs to be directed
at realizing that one objective.

See their list as email addresses:

An opt-in list is much more than a list of names and email
addresses. It is a list of people! Real, live, human people are
what make up your opt-in list. You must market your
product or service to humans and not email addresses.

Fail to provide themselves with the right tools for the job:
If you are painting a room, you need paintbrushes, paint
rollers, drop cloths, etc. If you are send promotional emails,
you need the right tools for the job, as well. The right tools
for the job of sending promotional emails are:

Note Tab Light

URL Cloaking

Find V

Secrets of Affiliate Marketing Success

Use weak and ineffective subject lines:

Most auto responders allow you to use up to 50 characters in
a subject line. The first 25 of those characters are what
stands between the marketer and an email that actually
opened and read. (The second 25 should be left on the table.)

If marketing emails are deleted without being read, they are
totally useless. Writing powerful, attention-getting subject
lines that inspire recipients to open your marketing emails is
an ability that needs to be developed to a high degree of

Effective subject lines are short, to the point, have a tease
quality and never promise more than what will be delivered
in the attached marketing email.

Use all capital letters:

The use of all capital letters in any kind of email is the
equivalent of shouting or yelling at a person that you are
having a real world conversation with. It is rude and
completely unproductive. Don’t yell at the members of your
opt-in list. All capital letters do not draw attention nor
convey excitement.

Use a lot of exclamation points:

One exclamation point at the end of a sentence means that
the sentence is an exclamatory one. Multiple exclamation
points at the end of a sentence are another form of yelling
and they do not denote added excitement. They are taking up
valuable space in your marketing email and maybe even
irritating the recipients.

Never use bullet points:

It is a known fact that people don’t read marketing emails
word for word. People scan marketing emails. Marketing
emails need to be easy to SCAN. The use of bullet points
makes it easy for recipients to easily identify the important
information that is contained in the email. You should
always use bullet points for the main points that you are
making in your marketing email.

Make their emails too long:

Marketing emails should be short. They shouldn’t have a
scroll bar and they should only be 300 to 400 words long.
They should never contain large blocks of text. It won’t be

Fail to use the P.S. line effectively:

The P.S. line(s) of a marketing email appear last but they are
as important as the first word of a marketing email. The P.S.
line needs to be used to hit the most important aspect of the
email again or as a tease for an upcoming email.

More Tips on Getting Your Email Read & Followed Through
Affiliate marketers depend upon having their marketing
emails opened, read, and acted upon. Unless those three
things happen, the affiliate marketer will pretty much be out
of the affiliate marketing business.

If you are formatted your email correctly and it is readable in
all email programs, then you just need to be certain that you
have done everything possible to encourage the recipients to:

Open the email: The subject line is one of the two
determining factors of whether an email is in fact opened or
sent unopened and unread to the deleted mail file of the
recipient. The first factor is who the email is from. Since the
recipient opted into your list, it is fair to assume that they
want to get email from you. The second factor is the subject

Most autoresponders allow 50 character long subject lines.
Only the first 25 or less have any real value. You must use
those 25 words to entice the recipient into opening the email
to see what you have to say.

Personalize the email in the subject line. Your autoreponder
will allow you to do this. ‘John, you can save money and get a
free gift!’ is much more effective than just, ‘You can save
money and get a free gift!’ So first, personalize your subject

The word, ‘free’ has been maligned but don’t believe

everything you hear. People like free. Everybody likes
free….poor people, middle class people and maybe especially
rich people.

There are other words that have proven to be effective in
subject lines as well. ‘Ease or easy’, magic or magical, are
some of them. You must use some mystery and some tease in
your subject line, in order to get the recipients to open them.

Read the email: Once the recipient has been convinced to
open the marketing email from you, the next trick is to get
them to read what you have to say.

The problem is that most computer users do not in fact
READ anything. They SCAN. So it is up to you to get them to
actually slow down and really read what you have to say.

The email must be interesting. If you can start with a
story….and I’m not talking about a novel…I’m talking about a
two line story, you can get their attention. “Bill thought of
himself as a loser until he tried our product.” This is a story.

You must include bullet points in order to make your
marketing email easy to read. You don’t ever want to include
large blocks of text.

Short simple bulleted points that list the advantages that
your product can provide will make it easy for the recipients
to see the important facts as a glance.

Act on the email: Once you have convinced the recipients to
open and read your marketing email, the next step is to get
them to actually act on your suggestions you have made, (i.e.
buy what you are selling).

The first thing you need to do is to make the link for ordering
your product or service easy to see. Remember to never
word-wrap links.

All email programs don’t deliver email with word wrapped
links. All the recipient will see is the word…the link will not
be included.

The second thing to do is to either make the offer for a
specific limited time (midnight on Thursday, November
30th) and not just say ‘limited time or to limit the offer to a
specific number of people (this offer is limited to the first
200 applicants) and not just limited space is available.

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Writing Killer Promo Emails – Part VIII

Important Tips on Getting Your Email Read
The single most important factor of making sales when you
are doing an email marketing campaign is getting the
recipients of the marketing emails to actually read your
email messages. It is obvious that if they don’t read them,
they won’t buy what you are selling.

You can do all of the technical things just right and still not
have the recipients of your emails reading your messages and
acting on them. It’s more than a little possible that the
problem lies in what your messages say and how they say it.

Marketing emails need to be easy to read. It has been proven
time and time again that email recipients will not read long
blocks of text….not even if it from their mothers.

One reason for this is eye strain. Reading text on a computer
screen is much harder on the eyes than reading text on a
printed page.

Make your marketing emails easy to read and easy to act
upon. Keep your sentences and your paragraphs short. It’s
been said before, but here it is again. People will not read
long blocks of text. Don’t send it.

Use bullet points for emphasis rather than exclamation
marks. The overuse of exclamation marks is a mistake that
many affiliate marketers make.

They assume that using many exclamation points gets the
attention of the reader when, in fact, they are distracting.

Do not use all capital letters. Using all capital letters is not
polite. It is considered to be shouting or yelling and your
readers won’t appreciate you raising your voice to them.

Be absolutely certain that every word is spelled correctly and
that the grammar usage is impeccable. I can’t tell you how
turned-off misspelled words and poor grammar is to
intelligent email recipients.

Both will make you appear dumb in their eyes and they won’t
be buying from someone they consider dumb or uneducated.

Most spell check programs are very good but they are by no
means infallible.

You need to recognize misspelled words yourself. These
programs will not correct words that are spelled correctly but
still misused and are grammatically incorrect.

As to content, that is a whole different animal. It is a good

thing to tie your email marketing campaign to a current
event or a national holiday. People do seem to have one-track

If it is near Christmas, they have Christmas on their brains.

If it is election season, that’s what they are thinking about.
When tax time rolls around, they suddenly remember that
they have to actually file tax returns and taxes are at the
front of their minds.

They are concentrating on different subjects in the summer
than they are in the winter.

So tying your email marketing campaign to a holiday, an
event or a season can help to assure that your marketing
email message is not only opened and read but effective as

Using the correct tone when addressing the members of your
opt-in list is important. When you send email to your list you
should first be certain that you use the personalization
feature that your autoreponder provides.

Second you need to ‘speak’ in a friendly but business-like
tone. Think of the difference in the way you tell your boss
why you are late and the way you tell your spouse why you
are late. That’s what is meant by ‘tone’.

You never ever talk down to your opt-in list members. You
must not assume a tone that is too formal or too distant. On
the other hand you must not speak in a tone that is too
casual or too familiar.

Moving Your Reader to Take Action
“Keep your eye on the prize!” “Keep your eye on the ball!”
Those are both old sayings and ones that has been
paraphrased many times and many ways but the message is
always the same. Don’t forget what is important.

There can be many distractions when you are an email
marketer. When you are writing an important marketing
email you can get distracted by the necessity of using the

right form or keeping your sentences short or a dozen other

The ‘ball’ or the ‘prize’ that you need to keep your eye on is
that the objective of your marketing email is to entice the
recipients to act on your recommendations and, in fact, drag
out those credit cards and buy what you are selling or even to
visit your website and take advantage of a free gift that you
are giving away.

Sometimes the problem can be the form that is used in your
email. It is important that the message be clear and that the
main points are in bulleted form so that the email can be
scanned easily by the recipients.

Remember to use, short sentences and short paragraphs.

Don’t use all capital sentences and curb your enthusiastic use
of exclamation points.

Sometimes the whole problem can be summed up in just one
word: procrastination. We seem to be a nation of
procrastinators. We never do today what can be put off until
tomorrow or, even better, indefinitely.

Can you imagine what would happen to the tax system if
April 15th were only a suggestion and not an absolute
deadline? Let’s see a showing of hands of all those who would
meet a suggested tax filing deadline!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some sort of tried and true
formula for getting the recipients to take action and buy
what you are selling or download what you are giving them

Maybe you should not suggest that they buy what you are
selling when they get around to it or downloading what you
are offering at their convenience. Perhaps you should be a bit
more emphatic and a bit more specific, set limits and set

By telling you to be more emphatic, I am in no way
suggesting that you use a lot of exclamation points or a lot of
big capital letter sentences.

No. I’m suggesting that when you write your marketing
email that you use bullet points that will cause the recipients
of your marketing email to take action and to take it

A bullet point that says:

  •     For a limited time only!

Isn’t going to be all that effective.

A bullet point that says:

  •     This offer expires at midnight on November 10th!

This will be much more effective because it gives a specific

A bullet point that says:

  •     This is a limited offer!

Isn’t going to be very effective either.

One that says:

  •     This offer is limited to the first 200 applicants!

Might just get some action. Everybody wants to be
first…even though they also will procrastinate given the

The point is to provide the members of your opt-in list with
an very good reason to take action and to take that action

It could be that you goofed and word-wrapped the links in
your marketing message. Many email programs do not
deliver word wrapped links. All the recipient will see is the
words…there will be no link to click on. Remember to include
full URL’s.

Keep your eye on the ball! Remember that the main objective
is to get the members of your opt-in list to click on the links
you provide in your marketing email message.

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Writing Killer Promo Emails – Part VII

Making Your Opening Email Catchy
When you begin an email marketing campaign, you don’t
start with the marketing email, do you? If you do, you are
really missing the boat on this one. Affiliate marketing email
campaigns do not begin with a marketing email. They begin
with an opening email. The actually marketing email doesn’t
come until later.

IMPORTANT! You don’t sell the product or service for which
you launch your email marketing campaign in the marketing
email itself. The selling of the product or service must be
done long before the actual marketing email is sent.

The marketing email for the product or service comes last.
The selling is done first.

Many affiliate marketers believe that
simply sending a marketing email for each product or service
they represent to the members of their opt-in lists is
sufficient. Not only is it not sufficient, it isn’t even in the
neighborhood of sufficient. A combination selling and
marketing email is an absolute ‘no-no’ in affiliate marketing.

First you make the recipients of your opt-in list aware that
something is about to happen…..something
good….something exciting. You’ve heard about using a tease
in your subject line but what we are talking about here is a
whole email that is meant to tease and to entice and cause

This kind of email is called a “pre-sell” email. The object is to
advertise and extol the virtues of a product or service that
isn’t yet ‘available’ and to make the members of your list see
the advantages to themselves that this product or service can
provide for them.

You need to have them eagerly
anticipating the arrival of your actual marketing email….the
one that will send them scurrying for their credit cards
because they already know that they want and need the
product or service.

If you do the actual marketing email correctly, it will be very
short. It will contain only short sentences and short
paragraphs. It will have bullet points. That kind of email
doesn’t afford you the opportunity to do much convincing.
The convincing needs to have been already accomplished.

Your pre-sell emails can prime the pump, so to speak. They
give you the opportunity to list the value they can provide to
the members of your list. You afford you the opportunity to
list the virtues of the product or service that you will be
marketing well in advance of the actual marketing email and
you can do it more that once.

You aren’t limited to sending only one pre-sell email to your
list. You can send more if you want to and you should most
likely want to. Repetition works. Repetition of a sales
message is a proven selling technique.

Do remember, however, that when you send pre-sell email
messages to your list that they still need to conform to the
same standards that marketing email messages should
adhere to.

Your first pre-sell message can announce the fact that this
product or service is on the horizon or ‘Coming Soon’. The
second pre-sell message can announce that the arrival of this
product or service is eminent…..but not quite here yet. You
might even offer to let the members of your list pre-order the
product or service so that they are sure to get it.

Pre-selling a product or service isn’t just important. It is a
vital part of affiliate marketing and one that you need to use
and perfect if you are to become an effective affiliate

If you pre-sell your product or service effectively all of the
selling will have already been accomplished and you can
move on to counting your sales and your profits.

Writing the Body of Your Email Copy
The subject line of your marketing email is a vital part of the
total email. Everybody agrees with that fact. You couldn’t
find a single affiliate marketer or any other kind of Internet
marketer that would disagree.

However, while the object of the subject line is to convince
the recipient to open and read the email, the object of the
body of a marketing email is convince the recipient to take
action and actually purchase the product or service that is
being recommended to them.

It is vitally important to recognize and accept the fact that
most of those who receive your marketing emails and
actually open them are not going to READ them. They will
not read them word for word at any rate. They will scan
them. They will read only enough words to get the idea of
what is being sold at first.

IF (and ‘if’ is a very big word) you can convince them when
they scan your marketing email message that they might be
interested in what you are selling, then, and only then, will
the really read everything that you have written.

Keep your marketing email short.

To the chagrin of email marketers, the attention span of the
average computer user is extremely short. We have become
an impatient nation. We want instant gratification as well as
instant information. We do not want to bored with a lot of

Back years and years ago there was a radio program,
Dragnet, that even made it to the TV screens of American for
awhile. The main character was Sgt. Joe Friday. One of his
famous lines was, “Just the facts, ma’m. Just give us the

This should be your mantra as you compose the body of a
marketing email. “Just the facts!” Each one should be stated
as succinctly as possible and they should be bulleted.

All sentences should be short, simple sentences.

Do not use run-on sentences that present more than one
idea. The paragraphs should also be very short.

One sentence paragraphs are fine. Two sentence paragraphs

are about the maximum.

Avoid the use of all capital letters.

All capital letters are the email equivalent of real world
shouting or yelling and nobody likes to be yelled at. Not only
is it rude, it is ineffective.

You’ve no doubt seen television
commercials that are made by the owners of the businesses
being advertised. You know the ones….’Honest Joe’s Used
Car Lot’. Honest Joe seems to think that if he yells loud
enough, somebody will believe him.

It is fair to compare marketing email messages that have a
lot of sentences that are all capital letters to an ‘Honest Joe’
television commercial. They are equally rude and equally
ineffective. The one gets muted and the other gets deleted.

Go easy on the exclamation marks.

One exclamation mark says that the sentence is emphatic.
The use of several at the end of a sentence either means the
sender hit the key too many times or he is yelling at the
recipient. Neither is good.

A single exclamation point is a good thing. It indicates that
an important point is being made in the preceding

The use of many exclamation points negates the value of one
exclamation point.

Many exclamation points do not make the preceding
statement more emphatic. They actually make is less

Use bullet points.

Bulleted points make it easy for the recipients of your
marketing email to pick out important facts. Remember that
short attention span?

They will look at the bulleted points and then decide whether
to read the rest of your message.

Spelling and grammar usage counts!

Check it carefully and remember not to stake your reputation
on your spell check program.

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Writing Killer Promo Emails – Part VI

What Makes an Attention-Grabbing Subject Line?
Is there a magic formula for creating a subject line that is so
attention-grabbing that it will guarantee that recipients will
open your marketing email every time?

It would be nice! Unfortunately there is not a magic formula.

There are, however, some techniques that you can use that
will help you create attention-getting subject lines for your
marketing emails.

Technique #1: Prepare to compete.

The first and most important piece of information that you
need to have permanently implanted in your brain is that

you are not sending email to email addresses. You are
sending email to real, live human beings.

These humans that will receive your email are much like
yourself. They all are busy people who weren’t sitting there
with baited breath waiting for your marketing email
message to arrive in their empty inboxes.

No. Their inboxes overflow at the same rate that yours does.
If you want them to open and read your marketing email,
your subject line is going to have to complete with dozens or
even hundreds of other emails for their attention.

Technique #2: Answer the ‘what’s in it for me’ question.

You’ve got 50 words, tops, to answer that question. You must
give the recipients of your marketing emails a very good and
substantial reason for taking their valuable time to see what
it is that you have to say to them in your marketing email.

Think about subject lines that get your attention. All of the
subject lines that grab your attention and entice you to open
an email are the ones that promise to help you in some way.
They answer the question, ‘what’s in it for me’ and they do it
in the 50 subject line words.

Technique #3: Don’t promise more than you can deliver.

Don’t be overly zealous in your subject line. You can’t deliver
world peace, so don’t make a promise that you can’t keep.
Keep it real. Keep it on point.

Technique #4: Study newspaper headlines.

Newspapers have headline writing down to a fine art. Pick
up your local newspaper and note how headlines are written.
Pay attention to the ones that grab your attention.

You will note that all newspaper headlines state the most
important point of the topic and do so in the fewest possible
words. A newspaper headline and the subject line of your
marketing emails are kissing cousins.
The object of your
marketing email is to state the content of your email in the
fewest possible words and hit the most important part of the
information that your email provides.

Technique #5: Don’t practice recycling.

That may not sound very environmentally friendly but we
aren’t talking about plastics or paper; we are talking about
marketing email subject lines.

Just because a subject line that you used last month was
effective, it doesn’t mean that you can simply change a word
or two and recycle it.

Language is a fluid…it is not a solid. The buzz words that
were hot last month are this month’s flat liners. Keep your
subject lines fresh.

Technique #6: Test! Test! Test!

The way to always outdo your competition is to take the time
and put forth the added effort to test your subject lines.

It will serve you well when you begin an email marketing
campaign to add an additional day or so to your time table
that will allow you to test your subject lines for effectiveness.

Send two or three variations of your subject line to selected
members of your opt-in list. Long onto your auto responder
account and see which ones have the best open rate.

Examples of Powerful Subject Lines that Work
Do you remember the virus that went around through email
several years ago? The subject line was, “I love you”. People
simply could not resist.

They opened the email even though they did not recognize
the sender and, presto, their computers were infected. The
sending of the email was deplorable but the subject line was
pure genius.

We all hate those kinds of emails and fortunately today’s
anti-virus programs catch and dispose of most of them
before they ever appear in our inboxes. However, we can
learn a lot from them.

The very best subject lines are the ones that make a recipient
feel that if they don’t open and read the email they will be
missing something vital. They should feel like that if they
don’t open and read an email message from you that they
will be missing out on something really important and may
even be ‘out-of-the-loop’.

Curiosity is a strong and powerful human trait that email
marketers need to use to make their marketing emails pass
the ‘must-open, must-read’ test.

The other very human trait that affiliate marketers need to
understand and use is ‘me’. The recipients of marketing
emails that you send want you to answer one very important
question. That question is the age old, ‘What’s in it for me?”

The key word is ‘me’.

Let’s say that you are marketing tax software. What kind of
subject line would you write?

“Don’t miss out! We are getting down to the business of tax.
Learn how to save money on your taxes today. A special $10
offer is included.”

Yuck! That is a terrible subject line.

The first thing that is wrong with it is that it is vague. The
second thing that is wrong with it is that it doesn’t clearly
state what the email marketing message is. The third thing
that is wrong with it is that it doesn’t tease the recipient. The
fourth thing that is wrong with it is that the word business is
misspelled. The fifth thing that is wrong with it is that it is
far too long even though it is well under the 50 word limit.

Result: That subject line would quickly get the email deleted
rather than opened and read!

So what would be a good subject line, you ask?

“Tax Relief and a $10 special offer!”

I don’t know about you, but I’d open one that promised me
some tax relief and a bonus to boot!

The first reason that this subject line is good is because the
very first word is an attention-getter. Everybody is concerned
about taxes. The second reason that it is so good is that it is
aimed directly at the recipient. The third reason it is so good
is that it makes an offer of something for nothing. The fourth
reason it is to good is because it is short. Short is a very good

You have 50 words you can use in your subject line but the
ones that come after the 25th one are mostly useless.

Examples of good subject lines are ones that are:

1. Brief….and the shorter the better.
2. Direct. Use the most important word first.
3. Ask a question that the reader wants to know the answer
4. Have a tease quality. Remember ‘curiosity’ is a common
human trait.
5. Tie into current events. In the example above, the email
would tie into tax season.

It is common practice to stick a subject line on a marketing
email almost as an after thought. The best practice is to start
with a subject line that will meet all of the above listed

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Writing Killer Promo Emails – Part V

Different Types of Promo Emails You Can Write
The beautiful thing about promotional emails is that they are
limited only by your own imagination. There are many
different kinds of promotional emails and you can most likely
think up many that won’t be listed here. These are just a few
types of promotional email that you can write and send to
your opt-in list members:

1. Promote your own product.

If you have a newsletter or a digital product that is your own,
you can send an email to your list promoting your own

2. Promote a product for which you are an affiliate marketer.
You are, after all, an affiliate marketer. The more products or
services that you can sell to your list, the higher your income
will be and the more valuable you become as an affiliate
marketer. Many times the percentages that you agreed to
when you became an affiliate for a product or service will be
increased according to the number of sales that you make.

3. Offer a free gift.

Sometimes you must get something in order to get
something. Website traffic is the key to success for affiliate
marketers. You can entice your list to visit your website by
offering a free gift that can only be downloaded on your site.

4. Promote a webinar or teleseminar.

Webinars and teleseminars are big right now. People happily
pay for the privilege of getting to participate in them.

5. Selling membership access to a membership website.

Membership websites that are dedicated to in depth
information and the exchange of ideas about a topic that is
near and dear to the hearts of the members of your list aren’t
hard to sell.

6. Send a quiz or survey questions.

Post the answers on your website so that the members of
your list will visit.

The Purpose of Your Subject Line
You get a lot of email yourself, don’t you? What is the first
thing that you look at when you receive and mail in your own

The first information that you want is to know who
the email is from, right? That’s what most people look at
first. The second bit of information that you look at is the
subject line.

The subject line is the determining factor of whether an
email is opened and read or whether it is simply deleted
unopened and unread. You must always consider the
importance of your subject line when you send marketing
emails to the members of your list.

Everyday thousands of affiliate marketers send marketing
email to the members of their opt-in lists that are simply
deleted without ever being opened, read or acted upon.
Those emails are completely useless.

The purpose of the subject line is to entice the recipient into
actually opening, reading and acting on the information in
the email so you should never discount the importance of
those few words.

Some magic subject line words are ‘free gift’ ‘take the quiz’
and ‘test your knowledge’. You’ve probably been told that the
word ‘free’ is ineffective, but it isn’t. People like ‘free’.

Often times the subject line of a marketing email is just
thrown in at the last minute without much thought being
given to it but that is a big mistake. Much thought should be
put into those 50 words. Those 50 words are the ones that
will determine whether the other 300-400 are read or not.

Testing the effectiveness of variations of a subject line on
small segments of your opt-in list is a wise thing to do. You
can determine which variation is the most effective one and
actually produces the desired results.

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Writing Killer Promo Emails – Part IV

Tools You Strictly Must Have
If you are an affiliate marketer, you simply must send
marketing emails to the members of your opt-in list. There
really isn’t any other better choice. Your marketing emails
will generate more sales for your than all of the advertising
you do put together.

As you most likely know by now, your auto responder
requires that your marketing messages be in a specific
format. There is a very good reason for this formatting
requirement. That reason is that not all email programs are
created equally.

Some email programs will scramble lines of text that are
longer than the prescribed 65 characters. What your
members get is an email that is mostly just gibberish. Some
email programs accept only plain text mail. That means that
your message must be made up of only ASCII characters.
ASCII characters are those that you see on your keyboard.

When email programs that only support ASCII script are
presented with characters that they don’t recognize, they
often do strange things. A quotation mark, for example,
might be sent as the number ‘0’.

A program comes build right in on your computer when you
buy it that will produce text in only ASCII characters. It’s
your ‘NOTEPAD’ program.

Notepad is not to be confused with WordPad. They are two
different programs. In order to meet the ASCII character
requirement of your auto responder, type your email
messages in your notepad program.

You can type them in another program first, if you wish and
then copy and paste them onto a notepad document. All
formatting will be removed by the notepad program and all
characters will be ASCII. You will then still have to shorten
your lines to 65 characters.

However, if you wish there was a product that’s just a little
better than Notepad… maybe with a few more features to
assist with your email writing?  There is a free program that
you can download from the Internet at
http://www.notetab.com called Note Tab.

This program will produce type in only ASCII characters and
will also allow you to format your line length. There is a free
basic program on the site.

Additionally, you will find some programs that have added features that you might well find useful enough to merit spending a few bucks to get. Note Tab Light is under $5 and worth a lot more because of the formatting ease it provides.

Another point of correct formatting for auto responders is
that full URL’s must be used rather than be word-wrapped.
As we all know, some URL’s are monstrous…especially
affiliate links. They require many lines. That turns into a
problem but there is a solution. Long URL’s can be reduced
to simple URL’s at http://protrafficfunnel.com. The service
is free and you can even track the open rate (how often
people click on your URL).

In order to achieve the formatting requirements set forth by
your auto responder you need to use the correct tools. The
tools that you should use are:

1. Either the notepad program on your computer or the Note
Tab (link) software.

2. The URL reducing program that you can find at

Another site that you might find very useful is
http://findv.com/search/  On this site you can identify your
best key words for use in your marketing emails.

Additionally, if you really need some serious, no-nonsense
affiliate marketing help, we recommend you attend a weekly
conference.  The schedule is located here.   Fran Klasinski and her team can provide you with the secrets of affiliate marketing success.

Mrs. Klasinski has been a consistent-earning affiliate marketer on the Internet for the last twelve years. She does know what she is talking about and can certainly help you in your quest to join the ranks of successful affiliate marketers.

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