Writing Killer Promo Emails – Part II

The Single Most Important Purpose of Your Email
Why is it that you send a marketing email to the members of
your opt-in list? Most likely you aren’t sending email just for
the sake of sending email or because you think that sending
email is just a ton of fun.

No. You send email for just one purpose. That purpose is to
convince those who receive your email to act on it. You want
the recipients to buy what you are selling. You want them to
click on the links you supplied, drag out those credit cards
and buy what you are selling.

In plain English, the object of a marketing email is to sell the
products or services that you are recommending in it.

There is a geometric therom that says, “The shortest distance
between two points is a straight line.” The object of a
marketing email should be a straight line between point A
(You sending the email) and point B (the recipient of the
email buying the product or service that you are selling).

You don’t want to send the members of your list by way of
the scenic route. You want them to get on the freeway and
go as quickly as possible from receiving the email to buying
whatever you are selling.

If you lose sight of the main object of a marketing email that
you send out to the members of your list, you are very likely
to send them on that scenic tour and make them forget all
about getting from point A to point B.

This is the reason that you need to keep your eye on your goal
while you are composing your marketing email. Remember
that the average email user does not actually read their email
from you.

They scan the email. Their attention spans are notoriously short
and you just don’t have the luxury of a long winded sales pitch.

Long blocks of text will go unread. Not only will it not be
read it will be the cause of your email being kissed by the
delete button. People are not patient. The goal is to get them
to make a purchase and not bore them to death in the

The very best marketing emails are short, one-page letters.
They have short sentences. They have short paragraphs and
they have bullet points that outline the top 3 or 4 top selling
points of the product or service that you are promoting.

There is actually a good one word description of a sales email
that is directed at the main purpose of making a sale. That
word is ‘succinct’.

The dictionary defines ‘succinct’ as: expressed in few words;
concise; terse.

Remember what your goal is when you are composing your
marketing email message and remember the definition of
‘succinct’. They go hand in hand.

There are several very important factors to consider when
you are composing an email that is succinct and on target.
The first is, of course, convincing your list to buy what you
are selling but there are other factors as well.

Your marketing email always needs to be formatted
correctly…. that is it should only use ASCII characters, have
only 65 characters per line and should not contain word-
wrapped links. This formatting makes your emails readable
in all email programs.

An attention getting subject line is vital, as well. If you can’t
convince the recipients of your email to open it, they can’t
act on it no matter how great it is. Additionally, every word
needs to be spelled correctly and the grammar needs to be

The ONLY goal of a marketing email is to sell the product or
service being advertised.

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