Writing Killer Promo Emails – Part VII

Making Your Opening Email Catchy
When you begin an email marketing campaign, you don’t
start with the marketing email, do you? If you do, you are
really missing the boat on this one. Affiliate marketing email
campaigns do not begin with a marketing email. They begin
with an opening email. The actually marketing email doesn’t
come until later.

IMPORTANT! You don’t sell the product or service for which
you launch your email marketing campaign in the marketing
email itself. The selling of the product or service must be
done long before the actual marketing email is sent.

The marketing email for the product or service comes last.
The selling is done first.

Many affiliate marketers believe that
simply sending a marketing email for each product or service
they represent to the members of their opt-in lists is
sufficient. Not only is it not sufficient, it isn’t even in the
neighborhood of sufficient. A combination selling and
marketing email is an absolute ‘no-no’ in affiliate marketing.

First you make the recipients of your opt-in list aware that
something is about to happen…..something
good….something exciting. You’ve heard about using a tease
in your subject line but what we are talking about here is a
whole email that is meant to tease and to entice and cause

This kind of email is called a “pre-sell” email. The object is to
advertise and extol the virtues of a product or service that
isn’t yet ‘available’ and to make the members of your list see
the advantages to themselves that this product or service can
provide for them.

You need to have them eagerly
anticipating the arrival of your actual marketing email….the
one that will send them scurrying for their credit cards
because they already know that they want and need the
product or service.

If you do the actual marketing email correctly, it will be very
short. It will contain only short sentences and short
paragraphs. It will have bullet points. That kind of email
doesn’t afford you the opportunity to do much convincing.
The convincing needs to have been already accomplished.

Your pre-sell emails can prime the pump, so to speak. They
give you the opportunity to list the value they can provide to
the members of your list. You afford you the opportunity to
list the virtues of the product or service that you will be
marketing well in advance of the actual marketing email and
you can do it more that once.

You aren’t limited to sending only one pre-sell email to your
list. You can send more if you want to and you should most
likely want to. Repetition works. Repetition of a sales
message is a proven selling technique.

Do remember, however, that when you send pre-sell email
messages to your list that they still need to conform to the
same standards that marketing email messages should
adhere to.

Your first pre-sell message can announce the fact that this
product or service is on the horizon or ‘Coming Soon’. The
second pre-sell message can announce that the arrival of this
product or service is eminent…..but not quite here yet. You
might even offer to let the members of your list pre-order the
product or service so that they are sure to get it.

Pre-selling a product or service isn’t just important. It is a
vital part of affiliate marketing and one that you need to use
and perfect if you are to become an effective affiliate

If you pre-sell your product or service effectively all of the
selling will have already been accomplished and you can
move on to counting your sales and your profits.

Writing the Body of Your Email Copy
The subject line of your marketing email is a vital part of the
total email. Everybody agrees with that fact. You couldn’t
find a single affiliate marketer or any other kind of Internet
marketer that would disagree.

However, while the object of the subject line is to convince
the recipient to open and read the email, the object of the
body of a marketing email is convince the recipient to take
action and actually purchase the product or service that is
being recommended to them.

It is vitally important to recognize and accept the fact that
most of those who receive your marketing emails and
actually open them are not going to READ them. They will
not read them word for word at any rate. They will scan
them. They will read only enough words to get the idea of
what is being sold at first.

IF (and ‘if’ is a very big word) you can convince them when
they scan your marketing email message that they might be
interested in what you are selling, then, and only then, will
the really read everything that you have written.

Keep your marketing email short.

To the chagrin of email marketers, the attention span of the
average computer user is extremely short. We have become
an impatient nation. We want instant gratification as well as
instant information. We do not want to bored with a lot of

Back years and years ago there was a radio program,
Dragnet, that even made it to the TV screens of American for
awhile. The main character was Sgt. Joe Friday. One of his
famous lines was, “Just the facts, ma’m. Just give us the

This should be your mantra as you compose the body of a
marketing email. “Just the facts!” Each one should be stated
as succinctly as possible and they should be bulleted.

All sentences should be short, simple sentences.

Do not use run-on sentences that present more than one
idea. The paragraphs should also be very short.

One sentence paragraphs are fine. Two sentence paragraphs

are about the maximum.

Avoid the use of all capital letters.

All capital letters are the email equivalent of real world
shouting or yelling and nobody likes to be yelled at. Not only
is it rude, it is ineffective.

You’ve no doubt seen television
commercials that are made by the owners of the businesses
being advertised. You know the ones….’Honest Joe’s Used
Car Lot’. Honest Joe seems to think that if he yells loud
enough, somebody will believe him.

It is fair to compare marketing email messages that have a
lot of sentences that are all capital letters to an ‘Honest Joe’
television commercial. They are equally rude and equally
ineffective. The one gets muted and the other gets deleted.

Go easy on the exclamation marks.

One exclamation mark says that the sentence is emphatic.
The use of several at the end of a sentence either means the
sender hit the key too many times or he is yelling at the
recipient. Neither is good.

A single exclamation point is a good thing. It indicates that
an important point is being made in the preceding

The use of many exclamation points negates the value of one
exclamation point.

Many exclamation points do not make the preceding
statement more emphatic. They actually make is less

Use bullet points.

Bulleted points make it easy for the recipients of your
marketing email to pick out important facts. Remember that
short attention span?

They will look at the bulleted points and then decide whether
to read the rest of your message.

Spelling and grammar usage counts!

Check it carefully and remember not to stake your reputation
on your spell check program.

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